​​​Giving continuity to the mural movement of contemporary artists which emerged in Mexico in 1997, called upon by the Society of Mexican Authors of Fine Arts -which in result found echo among artists from other countries that participated; amidst which Argentina now sets the tone, and inspired by the great muralists of the post-revolutionary Mexican mural movement - other movements arose in many other countries, between artists of different cultures. ​ Some artists coming from as far away as South Africa, participated in 2005 for the very first time. As such it was that the city of Tlaxcala, the World Council of Visual Artists, SOMAAP and its nascent project "Global Eco Art, A. C.", hosted the largest encounter of fraternity between artists of different nationalities to explore their concerns, for the benefit of future generations not only in Tlaxcala and Mexico, but in the world.

This is a testament to that, which only artists are able to achieve when coming together; initiating through these movements a significant effort to establish fraternal bonds between artists of different cultural ideologies who identify the need to create movements in which Art is the main means of communication and understanding.​ For this reason, in 2014 the city of Tlaxcala invites artists from all over the world to participate in this fraternal meeting, taking up this invitation for which the message is clear; "OPEN TO THE WORLD, TLAXCALA FOR THE ARTS". Since art is, in all of its manifestations, the most suitable to seek out a new form of communication between generations in order to achieve a balanced coexistence between the diverse cultures of the world. 

Supported by: The government of Tlaxcala, the National Council for Culture and the Arts through the Tlaxcalteca Institute of Culture, the Museum of Art of Tlaxcala, in collaboration with Eco Global Art A. C., the Mexican Society of Authors of Fine Arts and the World Council of Visual Artists.

​Maestro Joaquin Martin Rojas Hernandez

Director, Museum of Art of Tlaxcala

Event Coordinator


Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Digital Artist

"open to the world, tlaxcala for the arts"



November 3-8, 2014