Public Artwork commissioned by the City of Port Moody for the Evergreen Line, Inlet Centre Station Plaza, Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada. The artwork was chosen by the Evergreen Line public art committee after a four-month process.

​The artwork is titled Evergreen People and is made entirely of stainless steel. It measures 2.25 m high by 3.25 m in length and 0.70 m in width. It is a metaphor for rapid transportation, the multicultural diversity of Canada, and the resilient personality of the Canadian character to face the challenges of daily life.  It also describes the citizen's disposition to a serene view of the world.

The artwork has gone through a rigorous process that has included:

1- To comply with all of the regulations for a public art installation required by the City of Port Moody which included: 

the payment of contingency insurance and workplace safety, the contract with a team of structural engineers,

the standards of work of the subcontractor, Dion Custom Metal, to fabricate the artwork in stainless steel, as well as
the coordination with different agencies such as Translink, the municipality itself and other agencies
of the provincial government.

2- To create the artwork in a beautiful material, which is resistant to the elements providing a sense of beauty and essence in

its symbolic content to the sculpture that is related to the whole project of public transportation.

This project has been developed following a digital process from its conception, design, and 3D model production. As well as the preparation of the templates required for the laser cutting of the stainless steel which was done by the Simon Fraser University - Department of  Advanced Technology.

The sculpture was installed following all the safety standards, fulfilling the agreed deadlines and also the technical indications which has provided a sense of harmony with the architectural elements of the Inlet Centre Station.

Evergreen People was inaugurated on December 2, 2016.


Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Digital Artist

evergreen people

public art 

inlet centre station, port moody, b.c., canada

july 2015 - oct 2016