III international Biennale of arT

miramar, argentina 

MARCH 17-26, 2017

​The municipality of General Alvarado, together with the Biennale's organizing committee, invited Argentinian and International artists to participate in the third international encounter of public art, known as the "International Biennale of Art Miramar", which took place in Miramar, Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 17-26, 2017.

Around forty-five artists took part in this event, twelve  different sectors and areas of the already existing Biennale Park were intervened and worked so as to be integrated into the surrounding aesthetics already established in previous biennales that conform a large cultural park. Six new sculptures were realized on site during the encounter and after being completed were installed in different areas of the park.

The theme that was celebrated was "Water, Creative Force... Nurturing Cultures" ... being that water, is alive, it is blood and fluid from the depths of our beloved mother earth that nurtures us all, crossing the history of peoples with a magnificent diversity of nature, life forms and cultures.


The artwork titled, DROPS, is a sculpture made of a welded steel structure that was then filled with concrete and then covered with a mosaic design that is aquamarine in colour. It has a total height of 3.50 meters and is a metaphor of the human relationship, Man-Woman, with Water as a vital element. In simplified forms this artwork represents the loving embrace between the feminine and the masculine with water as the source and origin of life. The sculpture was realized with the help and collaboration of the community of Miramar who alongside the artist patiently dedicated long hours of hard work and incredible inspired energy which brought to fruition such a beautiful project.


Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Digital Artist