​The 2nd International Biennale of Art in Miramar, Argentina was celebrated during the month of April 2015. Artists from Mexico, Mozambique, Bolivia, Italy and Canada were invited to participate alongside fellow Argentinian artists to celebrate an “Art for Peace – An encounter with Mother Earth”. Over the course of ten days the artists realized a total of 6 sculptures and 10 murals which the city of Miramar has declared part of it's cultural heritage.  These artworks will join the already existing array of murals that were created during the First International Biennale of Art in Miramar which was celebrated in 2013. During that first encounter more than 30 artists realized murals applying the techniques of sgraffito and mosaic where the theme in focus was “Man and his relationship to nature”. The resulting 28 murals gave life and vibrance to what is known as Paseo de los Murales, a new public space close to the area of El Durazno and one that is original in all of Argentina. 

About the Artwork

Title: Eco Couple

This artwork depicts an embrace between a man and a woman that unite to form into one sole body. A dove emerges from the chest symbolizing peace and nature. This artwork is a hymn to love, to peace and to the world. It's inspiration lies in the organic forms of nature, in the synthesis of Pre-Hispanic sculpture and in the use of negative space often seen in contemporary sculpture. The working process began with a few conceptual digital pieces that were created with the 3D digital software Zbrush and the maquette was created by using 3D printing technology. The finished sculpture measures 2.50 meters in height and with the base included it measures a total height of 3.50 meters. Recycled ceramics were used to create a mosaic design of branches and leaves on the surface of the base.

The tecnique that was used to create the sculpture was based on the application of concrete over a steel structure. Both the mosaic on the base and the sculpture itself were finished with ferrite pastes as well as with product from the label Casa Weber. The support and collaboration of visual artist Juan Acosta, welders as well as mosaic artists along with the local community of Miramar was essential to the success and realization of this artwork.


Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Digital Artist

"art for peace - an encounter with mother earth"

II international Biennale of art miramar, argentina 

april 17-26, 2015