Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Digital Artist

chita: the shining muse

In the same way that a drawing expresses the soul of the line, it can also contain the rhythm suggested by the portrayed subject. Line as an element more perfect than form becomes the synthesis of its own existence into space and into matter. 

Drawing reaches melody when it is drawn in a kind of 'continuum' mode searching to end with property within the end of something which already came from the nothingness to stay. To whomever wishes to discover when to follow, and when to leave, just to start the next adventure with the line; this is an emotional path to converse with the paper that is being drawn upon, as if a new existence has emerged into a rare and curious being.

Chita: The Shining Muse is in pursuit and in search of the subject within the  simplicity and complexity of its own mystery.