Painter, Sculptor, Muralist, Digital Artist


My first visit to Argentina was in 2006 with the Canadian group of artists 'La Raza' to celebrate the First International Canadian/Argentine Encounter of Muralism in the cities of Berazategui in the great Buenos Aires as well as in Tucuman and Catamarca in nothern Argentina. In 2013 I participated in a Muralism Encounter in the city of Cosquin in the province of Cordoba and also in the First Biennale of Miramar near Mar del Plata in southern Argentina. In 2015 I was invited back to participate in the Second Biennale of Miramar. In September of 2016 I was invited by the city of Tucuman to participate in their First International Encounter of Public Art and Muralism.

I was recently invited to participate in the third International Biennale of Public Art celebrated in Miramar, Argentina from March 17-26, 2017. During the event I realized a sculptural artwork in concrete covered with a mosaic design, the sculpture has a total height of 3.50 meters.

Argentina's experience has enriched me both spiritually and technically as it was there where I was reintroduced to various techniques of Sgraffito as well as the implementation of mosaic and recycled ceramics to  murals.